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New addition – podcasts

I’ve decided to add a new format to my website – podcasts. I’m new at this and trying to learn how to create engaging podcasts. So to all those who visit my website, please be patient with me.

Unfortunately, today the principles of personal finance and the global economy in which they function are mysteries to an alarming number of Americans. And rightly so because today the financial world is so much more complex. Why? Because of exotic investment instruments, tax regulations and constantly changing computer technologies, to mention a few.

Power and knowledge are inseparably linked. So, my goal with my podcasts will be to help the listener understand the most basics of money concepts. And as time goes on, even a basic knowledge of money will be empowering.

Because money is a topic that many people just don’t want to address (from women a recurring chant I hear is: “I’m not good at math”), my podcasts will be short and provide techniques to help the listener test herself/himself on what is being presented.

When I taught financial courses at the Submarine Base in Groton, CT, I would introduce my topic by showing a poster board with the following on it:

boodle, bread, bucks, clams, case-note, dinero, dough, gelt, greenbacks, gravy, grease, jack, juice, long green, loot, moolah, rocks, sawbucks, scratch, shekels, simoleons, smackers, spondulics, sugar, the ready, tenspot, wangan, wad, wampum

I would then say that I have a prize for the first person who could tell me what we are going to talk about today. My prize was always a piggy bank to the first person who said MONEY.

I won’t be able to offer any tangible prizes to my listeners – only the gift of KNOWLEDGE.

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