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Audio Book

I had planned to create a podcast piece and add it to my website with the help of a financially very knowledgeable friend – who is also very tech savvy which I am not. Unfortunately, for health reasons, my friend can not continue with the project.

I self-published a little book entitled, “MONEY-O Management Kit for Beginners.” The book is appropriate for readers ages 14 – adult. I was a financial counselor and educator/trainer at the Naval Submarine Base in Groton, CT and gave the book to my clients and attendees of my classes. I now plan on making the book an audio book. A dear friend of mine, who is tech savvy, will be helping me to upload the material on this website.

Along with financial information, I will list resources relevant to the material in each chapter. I will also be telling my listeners, anonymously of course, stories from the thousands of clients that I had as a financial counselor at the Submarine Base. Stories can make people feel less alone when they know other people are experiencing similar difficulties or successes.

I wrote the book to honor my deceased parents. My parents didn’t become millionaires, but they passed on to my brother and me the importance of being loving and caring people, and they showed us by living their lives as people of character and integrity. They believed that the best thing they could do to make the world a better place was to create a culture of kindness in their home. They worked very hard and truly cared for their family, church and community.

I think of them every day, and I miss them more than words could ever say. And whatever good I may do during whatever time I may have left of my life, I do it in honor of both of them.

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