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My name is Frances Godek Goodman, and I created this website for all those who want to learn the basics of managing money. MONEY-O is for beginners. MONEY-O will help you to acquire a basic understanding of money, how to manage it, and how to use the money you already have more efficiently.

I started my career teaching at Bay Path University. I then was co-founder of the Center for Tax Education and Research, an educational foundation.  The Center provided continuing tax education to financial experts with a primary focus on insurance taxation.  The Center’s conferences and seminars were held in the US, Europe, Australia and Hong Kong.  For seven years I was a financial counselor and educator/trainer at the Naval Submarine Base in Groton, CT. My position required that I service all branches of the military, spouses and veterans. I’ve counseled thousands of clients. But the most important outcome of nearly all my counseling sessions was that jointly, my clients and I were able to find workable solutions to their financial problems.

Finally, I want to thank all those who currently serve in our military, their families, as well as veterans for the sacrifices they endure(d) to keep our country strong and safe.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

With my sincerest best wishes,

Frances Godek Goodman, M.Ed., M.S. (accounting), AFC (accredited financial counselor)

P.S. If you noticed that I have pictures of water and the color blue on MONEY-O, I’ve been told that viewing them help control the stress and tensions of daily living.

The main picture on my website shows part of the Mystic River and this beautiful rainbow.  I wasn’t able to capture the full picture so I posted it here. The picture was taken by Tony Gorman, President of Gorman Insurance Agency, Manchester, CT, who has given me permission to use the photo.   Do come visit sometime.  There’s a lot to see and enjoy in Mystic.